1. We are very proud of the way that our juniors worked hard and practiced a lot for the match against three of the Great Britain touring squad. (The main purpose of the tour was to compete in the SA Schools Air Rifle Nationals). The British manager assured us that SAPA will be invited to send a junior team to Bisley next year. Please do your best to motivate any juniors you may have, to work hard on their Air Pistol and enter them in the various Provincial Postals to get them onto the National Log.

  2. Junior pistol shooters from Western Province versus Great Britian Touring Squad, 10m ISSF
  3. Air Pistol results. Shot on Saturday 01.09.2011 at Bellville Pistol Club.

  4. The scores were taken as the highest individual scores out of 400 and the team scores as the aggregate of shooting the event three
    times each, with a highest possible score of 2400 per team. Our teams were captained by Robert Blake, and the main coordinator
    of the event and coach for the WP Juniors is Casper du Plessis.

  5. Junior Men Individual: (400)

  6. Gold. Jannik Momberg WP 355 (on countout)
    Silver.Sam Hill GB 355
    Bronze. Ewan Fourie WP 354

  7. Junior Ladies Individual: (400)

  8. Gold. Uzel Mouton WP 345
  9. Silver. Tilanie Oetle WP 340
  10. Bronze. Felrie Oetle WP 337

  11. Team Results: (2400)

  12. Gold. WP-A 2079
  13. Silver. WP-B 2009
  14. Bronze. GB 1991

  15. Our six team members for the 10 metre Air Pistol match competing against the touring British team are from left to right
  16. Duan van Schalkwyk
  17. Ewan Fourie
  18. Jannik Momberg
  19. Uzel Mouton
  20. Telanie Oettle

  21. The names of the competing team members of the Great Britain squad are from left to right
  22. Sam Hill
  23. Annabelle Bullock
  24. Jacob Hill.

  25. The Western Province Junior Air Pistol A Team are from left to right.
  26. Ewan Fourie
  27. Uzel Mouton
  28. Felrie Oettle

  29. The WP Junior Air Pistol B Team are from left to right.
  30. Jannik Momberg
  31. Tilanie Oettle
  32. Duan van Schalkwy