1. Rules
  2. Pistol
  3. Factory manufactured (catalogue item) center fire semi-auto pistol of .35 caliber or larger
  4. Barrel length not to exceed 5" (replacement barrels cannot be longer than the original)
  5. Any accessories, parts and components which are manufactured to duplicate, in materials and dimensions, the original as offered by any manufacturer of the pistol, will be accepted.

  6. Ammunition
  7. Factory or hand loaded. Full metal jacket, hollow point or semi-wadcutter or wadcutter..

  8. Sights
  9. Open sights from any manufacturer are acceptable.
  10. Rear sight may fixed or adjustable and fixed open front sights may not extend beyond the front of the slide
  11. Max. sight radius 7,5 " No full-length Bo-Mar type ribs on slide.

  12. Safety
  13. No internal modification may be made that would render the pistol less safe than originally designed by the manufacturer. All standard safety features of the pistol must operate properly.Self loading pistols may be loaded and cocked but with out a round being chambered.

  14. Grips
  15. The pistol must be equipped with standard issue or commercially available grips of the same size and design.
  16. Thumb rest grips or those flared at the base are not allowed. Rubber sleeve: see "allowed accessories"

  17. Modifications
  18. No external modifications are permitted.

  19. Allowable Accessories
  20. Ambidextrous safety, Beavertail grip safety, Extended magazine release, Full length recoil spring guide rod,
  21. Extended slide release Rubber covered or synthetic main spring housing Aluminum or synthetic trigger,
  22. Magazine base pads, Checking or stippling to the finish,Any exterior finish, e.g..: armoloy, teflon, black oxide, etc.
  23. Commercially manufactured rubber sleeve on grips is allowed providing no safety features are disengaged.

  24. None Allowable Accessories
  25. Sight Ribs,Extended front sights,Compensators,Magna-porting or ported barrels
  26. Barrels which extend beyond the slide or bushing, to make them longer than the original,External weight systems,
  27. Flared magazine well which flares the base of the grip, Extended magazines, Grips which flare at the base.
  28. Specially Prohibited
    Any system of recoil control based on compensators, barrel venting or barrel porting weighted Grips or grip panels
  29. Eligibility
    Competitors must have a minimum of Gold grading in Police or Service pistol events to enter, or in the opinion of the range officer be suitably safe and have had some holster training.

  30. Course of Fire

  31. Stage 1:
  32. 7 Meters - 20 seconds - 12 shots (double action only)
  33. standing without support, one or two handed.

  34. Stage 2:
  35. 25 meters - 90 seconds - 18 shot (double action only)
  36. the same as the 1500 Match 2, 6 shot: kneeling 6 shot: standing, left hand, left side post 6 shot: standing, right
  37. hand, right side post.

  38. Change/Score target

  39. Stage 3:
  40. 50 meters - 165 seconds - 24 shot (single action allowed)
  41. like the 1500 match 3, 6 shot: sitting 6 shot: prone (where prone is not possible: kneeling, post optionally)
  42. 6 shot: standing, left hand, left side post 6 shot: standing, right hand, right side post.

  43. Stage 4:
  44. 25 meters - 12 seconds - 6 shot (double action only) standing without support.

  45. Score target
  46. Malfunctions
  47. There are no allowance for malfunctions.