1. To apply for dedicated sports person status you will have to download the dedicated sports person application form in the downloads section. Complete this in full and hand it to your club chairman or WPPA representative along with your log book wich will be returned to you. The WPPA committee sits once every month to go through all of their administrative tasks. The application will be dealt with at this meeting. Please note that there are specific requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to obtain this status. In order for WPPA to honestly conduct its dealings, as regards its members, with the Central Firearm Registry - the applicant must be seen to be involved in regular shooting activites at league competitions.
  2. For each leage shoot , points are obtained per event and recorded by the shooter in their shooting log book. Make sure that your logbook then gets signed by the presiding range officer at the end of the day to validate the entries.
  3. Logbooks can be ordered through the SAPA office in Pretoria.
  4. If you wish to place an order contact Mathilda Rautenbach 012 - 543 2786 or email
  5. Alternativley you can make your own - download the NPA logbook page as an example in the dowloads section.
  6. Points allocated per event are as follows:
  7. Organised Club Shoots: 1 Point
  8. WPPA League Shoots: 2 Points
  9. WPPA Championships: 3 Points