1. Joining the Western Province Pistol Association (WPPA) is very simple.
    2. 1.Contact the chairman of your preferred WPPA affiliated club, who can supply the necessary application form and advise you of their fee structure. The application form is also available for download on the downloads page.
    3. 1.Supply the club with the completed forms, two ID size colour photos, a copy of your ID document and the required fees. The club management can then approve your application.
    4. 3.The club will submit your approval, documentation and affiliation fees to the WPPA treasurer to be forwarded to the South African Pistol Association (SAPA) in Pretoria.
    5. 4.When this process is complete, you will be issued with membership cards from the club, WPPA and SAPA.
    6. 5.The SAPA membership number that you are given is used for several purposes including your identification when entering competitions.
    7. 6.The above mentioned fees include the following:
    8. a)Club membership
    9. b)WPPA affiliation
    10. c)SAPA affiliation
    11. d)SASSF (South African Sports Shooting Federation) which is the controlling body (recognised by government)
      of all shooting sports.