1. Rules
  2. 1.Eligibility
  3. Competitors must have a minimum of Gold grading in Police or Service pistol events to enter, or in the opinion of the range officer be suitably safe and have had some holster training.

  4. 2.Firearm
  5. Revolver max. 4 inches capable of chambering and firing 38 special loads.
  6. Factory manufactured, with no external modifications except: for grips/stocks which may be modified or changed because of the size of competitors hand or to facilitate loading. No chamfered cylinders are allowed.

  7. 3.Ammunition
  8. 48Rounds. Bullets must be .38spl- 148/158 grs round nose or semi-wadcutter.Reloaded ammo must have factory style energy.

  9. 4.Trigger
  10. Pistols with double action capability must shoot the first shot of each stage double action.

  11. 5.Sights
  12. Open sights from any manufacturer are acceptable.
  13. Rear sight may fixed or adjustable and fixed open front sights may not extend beyond the front of the slide
  14. No full-length Bo-Mar type ribs on slide.

  15. 6.Safety
  16. No internal modification may be made that would render the pistol less safe than originally designed by the
  17. manufacturer. All standard safety features of the pistol must operate properly.

  18. 7.Holster
  19. A conventional right-or-left-handed holster must be used. For safety reasons, shoulder cross draw holsters will not
  20. be allowed. Holsters must completely cover the trigger guard. in some competitions only duty style holster are
  21. allowed.

  22. 8.Prohibited
  23. Any system of recoil control based on compensators, barrel venting or barrel porting,weighted Grips or grip panels,
  24. full lenth Bo-Mar type ribs on the slide, triger shoes, extended slide release, extended magazine.

  25. 9.Targets
  26. The NRA 27E. One per competitor.

  27. 10.Malfunctions
  28. There are no allowance for malfunctions.

  29. 11.Ready Position
  30. Firearm in holster pistols may be loaded and cocked but without a round being chambered.
  31. The competitor must stand erect with arms hanging at sides. Not touch the gun or holster,before targets start to turn,the shooter must rack the slide.

  32. 12.Course of Fire (48 rounds)

  33. Stage 1
  34. 6 rounds at 3 meters in 8 seconds, standing, one hand, double action.
  35. Stage 2
  36. 12 rounds at 7 meters in 20 seconds, standing, one or two hands, double action.
  37. Stage 3
  38. 12 rounds at 15 meters in 20 seconds, standing, one or two hands, double action.
  39. Stage 4
  40. 18 rounds at 25 meters in 90 seconds, 6 rounds kneeling, 6 rounds left handed from the
  41. left side of a barricade, 6 rounds right handed from the right side of a barricade, one or two hands,double action.