PPC gets its roots from very similar NRA events. The competiton is demanding and shot over a variety of distances from 7 meters out to 50 meters. The shooter also uses a number of positions to shoot from, kneeling and prone positions included. PPC shooters use full size revolvers and pistols. This type of shooting demands that the shooter knows his equipment well as the level of difficulty increases from stage to stage. If you are new to shooting this is not the place to start. As a safety factor shooters who compete in this event should have attained gold class in NPA events to be able to compete as a safety factor. Being confident on the range and understanding all the rules are of paramount importance in these events, as a lot happens in a very short period of time.

Western Province Pistol provides for practice and competition in the following :

1500 Main Match

Distinguished Revolver Match

Distinguished Pistol Match

Stock Semi-Automatic Pistol

MatchService Revolver Match

  1. The Western Province Pistol Association (WPPA) is primarily involved in three of the shooting sports namely:
  2. 1 ISSF ( The International Shooting Sport Federation )
  3. 2 NPA ( National Pistol Association. Founded in England in the early 1970's to rationalise pistol shooting in Great Britain. )
  4. 3 PPC ( Precision Pistol Competition )

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) is the international governing body responsible for both promoting international shooting sport and for providing its Rules and Regulations. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes the ISSF as the international body representing shooting and 15 ISSF Events are included in the Olympic Games. National Governing Bodies are responsible for the sport within their own country and for selecting eligible athletes to appear in international events including Intershoot, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The sport is open to both men and women and takes many forms (disciplines) including pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting. Most of these events apart from air pistol and centerfire are shot with .22lr pistols.

Western Province Pistol provides for practice and competition in the following :

Free Pistol
Olympic Rapid Fire
Ladies & Mens Sports Pistol
Standard pistol
Center Fire
Air Pistol Ladies & Air Pistol Men

During the late 1970’s it began to become apparent that the then National Shooting Associations did not really cater for the needs and aspirations of the growing body of full bore pistol shooters in Britain. The National Pistol Association was born. In the 1980's the NPA was introduced to South Africa. Probably the greatest legacy that the NPA gave shooting was the Annual National Pistol Meeting held at Bisley over the late Spring Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. The meeting still lives on today as the Phoenix Meeting. The meeting became the largest pistol-shooting event in Europe and regularly attracted teams from Europe and individual shooters from all parts of the Globe.

Since the 1980's Western Province Pistol Association has continued to be involved and actively promote the sport. Shortly after the new gun laws were introduced in Great Britain sadly the NPA discipline faded away in the UK. However due to a lot of international interest the sport continues to gain popularity. Many international shooting organisations are adopting NPA as it provide exciting competition to many shooters that have standard hand guns.

Western Province Pistol provides for practice and competition in the following :

Police Pistol A
Police Pistol B
Service Pistol A
Service Pistol B
Carry Gun
Pocket Pistol
NPA Magnum
Police Pistol 2